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Say goodbye to bulky travel wallets

Our two-in-one design makes travelling easy with a detachable everyday wallet and a passport wallet for your airport essentials. 


The Exiled Brit takes on KYZA

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Danielle Robertson

One of Australia's most popular fitness and lifestyle bloggers. Danielle often travels for work and takes Majorca to travel light and with style. 



Eliza Chandra

A keen eye for visual styling and attention to detail. Eliza uses Kyza's Oxford to maintain a sense of aesthetics and compliment her savvy lifestyle. 



Sam Wines

Man of Style founder, full time model, frequent traveller and a growing face in Australian mens fashion. Sam Wines relies on Kyza's Soho to keep up. 


A really good idea and a product I'm going to continue to use! 


The chicest travel wallet you've ever seen

Travel Weekly

Kyza's travel wallet is a canny two-wallets-in-one product

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