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We know it’s uncomfortable to be weighed down when you travel. That’s why we reinvented the travel wallet. One for the airport and one for day-to-day travel. Two wallets in one so you choose what you carry. 

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When you look close at the KYZA you can tell that it is a quality product. It was wonderful having all my travel stuff together in one place instead of spread out in multiple places.

Steve Holt - The Gadgeteer

The quality of the wallet is undeniable, the layout and general thought process behind it is also thorough and been followed through to the last stitch. 

The Exiled Brit - Instagram @theexiledbrit

It's a really good idea, and it's convinced me of its utility even as someone who's travelled with a single combined passport wallet in the past.

Campbell Simpson - Gizmodo Australia

Now here's the clever bit: tucked inside the passport wallet is a second, smaller and more conventional wallet (same leather colour and treatment) with its own card slots and note compartment.

David Flynn - Australian Business Traveller

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