11 'holiday problems' you've probably had.

It's a hard life when you're on holiday. Here's some likely 'holiday problems' you've probably encountered at some point. Don't get yourself down about it, it happens to all of us. 

1. Having no idea what day of the week it is.

You suddenly have a thought, 'crap! What day is it?' Let's be honest, you're on holiday, what day it is is the least of your worries (literally). 

2. Drinking cocktails before noon.

You know the drill... a swim-up bar, chilled tunes, delicious snacks and lounging around the pool. Who wouldn't want to drink a cocktail or two before noon? On a normal day outside of your holiday, this would probably be an issue. 

3. Napping in the afternoon

Because you got home late the night before and have had a big day. You deserve a nap! 

4. Not keeping up-to-date with the news

'Who's dating who? What's happening in my city?' Suddenly you're completely out of the loop at what's going on in the news at home. And you're totally fine with it. 

5. Eating two dinners.

There's too much new food to try and taste... so you just eat dinner twice. No biggie. 

6. Getting lost... a lot.

You're on holiday, do you really need to look at directions? Should we go left? Or right? Who cares, just walk! 

7. Speaking a new language. 

Attempting a new language with no prior learning is a tough one. Luckily there's Google Translate and language apps to help out with that, you'll be fluent in no time. 

8. Being too relaxed.

When you're feeling zen you may start saying 'no' to anything where you have to actually move. You're so relaxed you can't bare the thought of doing anything strenuous... unless it involves another massage.  

9. Acting like a local. 

It's nice to feel like a local when you travel. You may even try to give advice to other travellers... so much that they may mistake you for a local. If they do ask if you're from the area  - it makes your day. 

10. Eating ice cream for lunch

Is it nutritionally the best option to fuel your afternoon? Probably not. Does it taste awesome and refreshing? Yes. Pass the gelato! 

11. Having so much fun you don't want to go home. 

You instantly reminisce the whole trip and play songs that remind you of all the cities you've visited. Leaving your 'holiday problems' on your holiday seems all too real.

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