7 unique Airbnb spots you can book

AirBNB is becoming the coolest, and sometimes the most economical, way to explore the world. Since the house-sharing service launched in 2008, it has grown dramatically with the biggest advantage being cheaper accommodation. However travellers also cite unique experiences as a key driver for adopting this alternative accommodation solution.

We’ve listed 7 of the coolest and most unique AirBNB locations anyone can book for their next trip away!

  1. The Cozy Palace (Marrakesh, Morocco)


  1. Domus Civita (Lazio, Italy)



  1. Offgrid itHouse (California, USA)



  1. Tree hut within a castle (Fondettes, France)



  1. Safari Tree House (Limpopo, South Africa)



  1. The Fishermans Cave House (Santorini, Greece)


  1. Ginza Modern Apartment (Tokyo, Japan)

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