8 travel tips from a serial traveller

Serial traveller Chris Tabone has jet set the world for over 10 years and has visited over 63 countries (with more on his wish list)! From what started out as a short 2 month trip back in 2010 has now turned into a lifestyle for him and he wouldn't have it any other way. It's something he was born to do! After running tours for years during the European summer and making the top 5 in 'Guide of the Year' awards in 2014, Chris branched out and started his own sailing tours for young professionals, Koda Sail, to bring his skills to his favourite destination: Croatia.  

We were lucky enough to catch up with Chris, before he jets off to his next destination, to give us his top travel tips! 

  1. Get out of your comfort zone. Here’s your chance to push the limits of your everyday life and do something you wouldn’t usually do. Don't let fear hold you back!
  2. Say Hello. Take the first step and introduce yourself to another traveler. You’ll most likely find they have an interesting travel tip and story to share. Who knows, you may find a new travel mate!
  3. Use your travel time wisely. Read up on the next destination. Check out a map of the city and get familiar with where you want to explore. It’s always great to have a plan on how to get from your transport to your hotel the quickest way possible so you aren’t all flustered while dragging around your suitcases.
  4. Once you get there, put down your phone. You’ve done your research, now trust your instincts and explore with your eyes. It’s always more rewarding to find a hidden gem by chance rather than one you found on an app. Soak in each moment rather than trying to get that perfect picture. 
  5. Be culturally aware. Understand the local customs and respect them. We travel because we want to see and experience things that are different, so be ready to accept that things may not be as you expect. What may seem very rude to you, may just be the way they do things there. It’s all part of your travel story!
  6. Be a traveler, not a tourist. Adapt to your surroundings as quick as possible and walk around with some local swag! Observe how the locals do things and follow suit. Learn a few basic words and phrases, it’ll help break the ice and show the local that you care about their home.
  7. Don’t leave a footprint. Respect that even though you are visiting for a short time, there are many more travellers behind you and locals who deserve to experience the destination just as you did.
  8. Become a wiz on hotel booking apps so you can find and compare the best deals around. You'll save a bit of cash and can put it towards something else or save it for when you're back! 

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