How to sail your way through Europe

We're counting down the days to European summer - our favourite time of year!  There's heaps of ways to explore Europe, you can go on a large bus tour, organise your itinerary yourself or you can book a sailing tour. It really depends on the kind of travelling you're looking to do, and we know it can be hard to decide (there's so many options!) You can even mix it up and do a few tours at once. Whatever you decide, Europe is an incredible destination with so much to see. 

A sailing tour is a great way to explore the sights by sea if you're looking for a relaxing holiday with no crazy schedule. We think it's the next big thing and sat down with Chris Tabone from Koda Sail to tell us what it's like: 

What are the differences between a sailing tour and a bus tour in Europe? 

On a sailing tour, you only need to unpack once rather than packing and unpacking every second day on a bus tour. 

On a sailing tour you get to sleep in and the captain will safely start the days journey - no 6am wake up calls!  On a bus tour you need to make sure you’ve set that early alarm, because if you miss that bus departure time you better hope there’s a train station close by! 

On a sailing tour the pace of travel is slowed down. There is no rush. Days are spent sailing, swimming, relaxing and getting to know the other travelers on board. On a bus tour you are cramming in so many destinations with most of the time spent driving between them. Being stuck on a coach all day, you better have a comfy seat and hope for no traffic jams!

On a sailing tour the food on board is amazing and fresh as there is an onboard chef to cater for the group. You get to enjoy a 3 courses with every meal and a cheeky glass of wine if you wish. On a bus tour you are being rushed to eat a quick 30 minute meal at a service stop before you have to sprint back to the bus and hope the driver hasn’t left without you!

On a sailing tour you really get to know your fellow travelers. With the freedom to move around the boat freely, you can chill on the sundeck together laughing about the night before or enjoy a fun game of Cards Against Humanity in the dining lounge, or if you like, head back to your room for a lazy afternoon nana nap.
On a bus tour, you are stuck for 8-10hrs with the people sitting next to you. You can’t get up and walk around the bus as it’s too dangerous. If you’re lucky enough to fall asleep, you'll feel like you need a chiropractor when you wake up from the uncomfortable sitting position you got stuck in. 

KYZA's pick: sailing tour! 

What are the best destinations to see when sailing and why?

The Med! This is where sailing is done best, with a long Summer and reliable weather the conditions are perfect. No need to worry about being seasick as most of the great sailing is done close to shore which means the winds are very low or non existent. With little to no sand, the water is crystal blue and so inviting for a swim no matter what time of the day.  Lastly, there are no scary creatures lurking about in there which is always a bonus if you’re used to swimming in Australian waters!

Who is a sailing tour best suited for?

For those that want to relax and unwind. For those that like a slower paced holiday and enjoy getting to know other like minded travelers. If you’ve been on a bus tour and it has put you off travel, then you need to get back and do a sailing tour to gain that confidence back!

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