About us

Our mission is to make travelling safe, light, stylish and smart. 
Welcome to Kyza. Founded by two wanderers in Melbourne with a love for unknown adventures. Kyza is made by travellers, for travellers.
Balmy summer nights, the sound of ocean waves waking you up in the early hours, bustling European streets, exotic foods you never knew existed, bright city lights and friendly banter in different languages - we love it all.
Travelling may be the heart and soul of us, but it isn’t easy. Endless documents, passports, boarding passes and money in different currencies. It can be hard to keep up. And when you arrive at your accommodation and put your passport somewhere safe, what do you do with your everyday wallet items?
We know it’s uncomfortable to be weighed down when you travel. Us fellow wanderers need something light, stylish but also functional. That’s why we wanted to reinvent the travel wallet and they way you use it. A wallet for the important stuff and a wallet for the stuff you need straight away. That’s right. Two wallets in one. To match the habits of travellers. That’s when Kyza Travel Co. was born, and we haven’t looked back.
So what are you waiting for; go on your next adventure and take Kyza with you.